Be Your own Boss: Business


“Be proud of your investments not your salary”.
Personally, I am the business oriented type. I enjoy being a boss not because I don’t like taking orders from other people but because it gives me an opportunity to ultimately utilize my management skills.
This article isn’t to discourage working for other people but rather it is to give you an insight that you too can be your own boss!
Some basic tips to run a successful business
Start small. Starting up a business doesn’t require making it big at the beginning stage. Business is a risk so do not invest all your money in starting up a business in the name of wanting it too look big. Start small, grow big.
Be positive. Your mindset in business matters a lot; if you this like a failure then you become a failure.
Never give up. No business is a smooth ride all through. There are hard times in every business but your ability to overcome those hard times makes you a pro in that field of business.
Choose a business in line with your passion. “When your passion is your work, work becomes play”. Start up a business in line with what you love doing.
Good customer services. Most or all business involves dealing with customers either selling of goods or rendering of services. So it is important to adopt the best customers services to grow your business.
Marketing plan. Advertisement is another important factor to run a successful business. You might sell the best goods or render the best services and people may not be aware of it. Technology has made advertisements easier so make good use of social medias like facebook, twitter, you tube etc. Spend money and quality time for advertising; it is never a waste.
Expand. I have an uncle who started his drycleaning business by going to people’s house to wash and iron their clothes and he was paid after that. From there, he managed to rent a place where he stays to do the laundry but to cut the long story short, he currently has thirteen branches where his laundry business is done in Abuja, Nigeria. That’s what business is all about expansion! Like I said earlier, start small;grow big.
Budgeting. Careful maximizing of money is what makes a business. When there are needs, this is the aspect scale of preference is utilized for effective growth of the business.

Be your own boss and start a business!


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