​Dress to Kill

Early last year, I went to a supermarket to acquire some gift items for some friends. As I was searching around for worthy provisions to buy, I saw something eye catchy.
This our local “ijebu garri” was packaged in a fine wrapper. It was looking very enticing and worthy to behold. Believe me, I was very much impressed! With a huge some on my face, I got all I needed and left the store

Have you been in that situation where you walk into an office and the front desk officer stares at you from head to toe and immediately asked, who are you looking for?

Or you walked into a bank to redraw money, after filling the redrawal slip, you submitted it to the person in charge. After staring at the slip you filled, the person immediately asked, are you the owner of account? Those scenarios are very annoying, I believe you know than.

Have you asked yourself why those things happens? So many reasons might be involved but one of them is the way you dressed.

It’s a known fact that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. It’s simply the truth! Don’t always think you are at liberty to dress any how you like; it’s not right.

Dressing well and presentable really is a good thing and if you haven’t been attaching much attention to your clothes; it’s time now.

Dressing sharp, official and looking bold is great for official purpose.

One thing I know about bad dressing manner is low self esteem which I hate. When ever one appears not fine, one hides from others not to be noticed.

He wouldn’t want to associate with others mostly if it were to be children. That child will look inferior.
Another thing is that dressing well commands respect from ever one. People will be like, “don’t touch him ooo, forget the suit and tye, it might be dangerous all because of the clothes he wears.
We all know internet scammers, police easily recognise them before arrest and briefing.

Your dressing can land you in big trouble and can also make a way for you.

Packaging is the key!

Many employers seek for people that dresses well. Before you go for a job interview or proposal submission, dress very well, add a little fragrance and comport your self.

So, if you finally adopt this advice and change your dress sense, you have increased your chances of been enployed.
Always learn to dress good, and always remember, people address you with the way you look.


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