​The Achievement Book 


Long time ago, I had one fancy book I always kept by my side; everywhere I went, the book follows. 

I loved and cherished it like a child and won’t let anyone get hold of it. It was a top secret! If my right eye was staring at it, the left would have to look else where. It was this kind of book that I couldn’t let out of my sight. 

Do you want to know the book? It was my “achievement book”.

Early that year, I got this particular fancy book to record my works and achievements for each month. It turned out really great! 

I could measure my strengths, weakness, failed projects, successful ones and ground breaking events. 

I used this achievement book for these purposes:


Each goals I set in a month, I quickly write them down in this special book of mine immediately. I don’t let my goals to remain verbally said only, I note them down. Seeing them daily, I understand where I am heading to and how challenging it will be. 

I also write step by step plans in achieving these goals. It’s a comprehensive thing I do and it always famous me. 

I understand that a written goal is more easier accomplish and an analysed steps make it more closer to reach. 


some projects can take you up to three weeks, some other two or one week. I always record the days it takes me to accomplish each task and how to improve on that when next I face them again. 

Timing is very important! Heard the popular saying? “Time na money”. 


For every goal, there are lot of challenges in the way. I always record challenges faced when handling that task. For example, if the task was some thing that’s involved me using heavy machinery but I couldn’t accomplish it because I used local tools, I will quickly note that under and seek for possible solutions. 


End result is the final point of a goal. Some goals might be successful, others might not be. So I duely record my successful projects and my failed ones as well. 

It helps me keep track of my life the best way. 

If you love this idea, hurry and get a book for same purpose as mine. It’s really helpful! 


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