Honesty in its Simplest Form


On my way back from work today, I stopped by a shop to buy something. After requesting for what I need, I paid the shop attendant. He collected the money, packed my goods and gave me my balance.
 Looking at the amount he has given me I noticed it was excess then I asked him “how much did I give to you and how much is supposed to be my balance?” He replied looking carefully at the money he had given me. Then he realised almost immediately that he had over paid me.
I smiled, refunded the money, picked up my goods and was about leaving then , the shop owner who watched this whole drama from a distance called me back and thanked me. As I continued my journey back home, her (shop owner) last words kept on ringing in my mind “…what you have just done may not seem to big but this is honesty in its simplest form”
The shop owner was right! Many reading this to this point may see it as a normal thing. But a lot of people wouldn’t have done what was right at that moment and if they can not be honest over little things, what is the assurance that they can be honest in situations that are more tempting?
This incident, reminds me of a literature book I read as a child many years ago titled “The fruit of honesty” 

Honesty is another good qualities one should posses it goes beyond telling the truth because you might be caught. It goes to the extent of still being truthful even in situations that might be life threatening. 
Rewards of being honest
It brings respect to you

It makes people to love you

It makes you a better person

It brings joy and happiness to you 

It creates better opportunities for you
Being honest is part of the steps in building trust among your peers. Its is the best policy! Sadly, it is very difficult to find an honest person not totally because everyone is a liar but because dishonesty comes in different form like;
Exaggeration to your favour. You might be telling the truth but putting somethings that are not totally true is part of dishonesty.

Intentionally omitting important information. “Half truth is a great lie”

Making promises without fulfilling is another form of dishonesty that’s why personally, I don’t make promises. 

All these and more are forms of dishonesty. 

Before dropping my pen let me conclude with this…

A famous philosopher said “the surest way to remain poor is to be honest”. Judging from things happening in today’s world, that might be true but its also true that “good always prevail over evil ”
Honesty pays!


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