Is  Education important? 


I am always asked this question all the time; it’s now a daily thing. Neighbor, peers and family members always want to know what I think about this topic.

I met a rich business man some years ago. He was really successful and very rich; a envied him. He controls lot of educated staff around him; PhD holders, Msc holders, managers and lots more. Everyone calls him sir depict that he wasn’t educated.

One day, I was opportune to talk to him and he said “Bright, don’t quit school depict the money an employer offers you. Make sure you finish your schooling before embarking on another journey”. He was speaking out of a broken heart and indeed, i saw regrets boldly written on his face.

He narrated to me how he hustled to train himself in secondary school but after graduated, he was so lucky to hit a  mega deal with a foreigner since then he left schooling and entered business. Though, his success speaks for him but he couldn’t speak for him self.

After the meeting with the man I realised something, no matter how rich a man is, if he isn’t educated then there’s something missing in his life.

Education is important if we want to be fully developed. Learning helps one travel round the world by just sitting on his chair with a book. It simply develops your whole self, reasoning and entire reactions towards things and events.

Education develops the mind, strengthens the thinking ability of a man and polishes his speech. You might think those courses / subjects you currently offers or once offered in school aren’t worth it or not in line with life but you are very wrong. Those subjects, class assessment and home assignments builds the brain gradually to the stage it is now.

Development and advancement doesn’t come up like a miracle, education and learning builds that.

For example, if you finally want to go into business after schooling, the ideals, concepts and tips learnt from schooling always is a plus. He or she will think better and wider when mapping out plans on how to build his or her business; what most illiterates don’t enjoy doing.

Education helps one to read and write effectively. It’s just too necessary! Okay imagine a priest that isn’t good with spoken English, to deliver a message becomes very tedious for him and the listeners if they don’t understand his local language and they are no interpreters around.

Another instance, as a business man, you want to send a business plan/profile/proposal to a company, you ought to construct texts down and lots of meaningful well organised words to achieve that. Even as a footballer, when giving a chance to speak, he or she shouldn’t burst the speakers with wrong spoken grammars all because he failed to be educated.

It’s just necessary in all sphere of life; you just need it.

If you think because famous people became successful without education then that makes it useless, think again!


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