Crazy Things People do for Money 


Have you ever done something crazy for money?

Do you indulge in crazy things for the sake of money? 

Are you in a state on deciding what to do to make more money?

This article is definitely for you.

It is disgusting to think or imagine the crazy things people do all because of money. They allow money control their thoughts, mind and attitude. All because of money the indulge  in immoral and life threathing dealings like; stealing, prostitution, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and so on 
I recently met someone and during our conversation, he said something surprising. “Poverty has death with me so I will do anything to get money”. I’m not trying to be judgemental but that is an example of someone money controls their attitude.
“Your perception about something determines how you see that thing”. The way you see money that’s what it becomes to you. Personally, I see money as a messager, a servant and something i control. 
“There is dignity in labour” people take this proverb for granted. Money gotten through hard work is most enjoyed. This friend of mine went further to say he doesn’t intend doing evil dealings for too long. He plans on making quick money from it and using the money to start up something decent. I laughed and told him “what a funny way of thinking”.
What he said only means one thing hard work is the best way to earn money and he is aware of that. Money is supposed to be a servant to you. It is to make life easier but many today like my wonderful friend has turned money to be their god. They don’t care doing what is right or wrong all because of money.
The truth of the matter is; doing crazy things for money surely somehow has it repacautions. Such money might not be enjoyed for long. Money gotten from hard work is different from one gotten from other illegit means. Some people call it ‘quick money’ or ‘soft work’ .
Don’t get me wrong having money is a wonderful thing it all depends on how you earn it. There is no short cut to success. To be financially successful hard work is required. 


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