​Focus is Key II


After years struggling to get into higher institution, she finally got admission into the university. She was so proud of this achievement as she beat her chest in pride, waved her friends and kissed her mama good bye.

In her first year, she remembered the day her mum called her to the sitting room, showed her a news in a daily newspaper about a girl that lost her dignity because of wealth. The mum talked in length; poured all her elderly advice on her young daughter that was following the talk by nodding continuously.

After talking, her mum hugged her and watched her walk back to her room.

She also remembered the day a neighbor talked rudely to her mum and she broke down in tears. On seeing this, She promised her mum that she won’t let her shed tears anymore in life; that she’s going to make her proud of her existence.

This young girl held on to the words her mum and other elderly people told her before leaving home for school; she was indeed focus in her studies that she never had those for social fun and engagements. This made her grades so good.

In year three, she had a new room mate that loves partying and fun generally. This particular room mate leaves home every night for one fun fair or the other, plenty of jamboree and disco nights. When she saw how focus the  other girl was, she tried luring her into her ways.

Day and night, she kept on disturbing this young focused lad until one day, she finally agreed to follow her for one night party; “just one” she noted. One became two, two became three. She was never found at home at night anymore. She started losing focus in school and was beginning to get bad grades.

She became a final girl student and was set for graduation. On the day of the graduation, she was taking some selfies with her friends and suddenly she fainted.

They quickly rushed her to the school clinic. After diagnosis, the doctor told them that she has some complications internally due to several abortions and that she’s an HIV patient. Everyone was shocked to their bones. One of the students quickly called her mum and as she received the news, she fainted and died instantly.

That’s what happens when one losses focus in ones journey. She lost focus and all those tragedy happened to her all in one day.

There are endless true life story out there about this topic and implications when one losses focus towards ones dreams.

Focus is key to achieving your goals always remember that. Don’t get distracted by other people’s success or way of life. It’s your life, your personal race and you ought to focus and get to the finish line.


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