​Understanding is Very Important

Understanding-is-keyAfter years of doing some researches, I discovered something. Continue reading to know what I discovered.
I looked up the word understanding and the meaning I saw was a thorough knowledge of something which I believe it’s the best meaning out there. I always hear this that if two partners / couples learn to tolerate themselves, they will live together and won’t think of divorce.

The above sentence is true but there’s a “comma” there. Tolerance will make couples live together but understanding will make them happy living together.

Imagine this, if I know that my wife enjoys breakfast on bed and that she don’t like when I correct her in front of her friends, I will stick to these knowledge about her and won’t abuse them.

I know it’s very hard to study a person but it’s no crime if you try. I discovered that the more you understand people, their behaviours and reactions to things, you will cope better with them. There will be less quarrels and misunderstanding between you all.

Remember, if you understand a topic very well or a subject in school, you will be well grounded and will be able to defend or speak expressly about matters generating from it. Just the same way you will top the class with good grades, same thing applies to relationships.

Every odd / strange attitude posed by your partner should be a great chance of learning something new about him or her. The more you get to know the strength and weakness of your partner, you will enjoy living with him or her; it’s just that easy.

That attitude you display in front of him or her that boils his or her emotions should be noted and avoided. That’s understanding! Words and sentence that results into arguments and quarrels should also be avoided and noted also so that one won’t repeat them.

Relationships will be sweeter and more healthier if it’s beyond tolerance always remember that.

Love your partner / friend, cherish the person, understand his or her flaws and pros and you won’t regret doing this.

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