Be Bold 


Lekan and Tayo were good friends right from when they were little, guess people call this childhood friendship. They both do things together, play together, share secrets and other personal stuffs. It was a divine friendship!
Despite how close people may be, they won’t possess same qualities; same thing happened to this friends. Lekan was really bold while Tayo was the shy type that couldn’t stand up for him self.

One day they were both trekking to a location; ignorant of what happened there in the previous day. Unknown to them that two young boys came to an apartment in that neighborhood to steal and fortunately they got away.

When this two friends were in that neighborhood, a resident recognize them as the thieves that came to their apartment the previous day; it was a false accusation though. He immediately raised a false alarm buy shouting thieves thieves making the neighbors to run out of their houses.

Within the twinkling of an eye, they apprehended these boys and started beating them. Before three minutes, police arrived the scene and was about bundling the boys into their vehicle. Lekan quickly shouted, what did we do? How are we thieves? Which property did we steal?

As he continued a police officer immediately slapped and shouted “if you say one more word, you will regret it” but this didnt stop lekan from talking. He continued defending him self that he didn’t do anything so he shouldn’t be treated this way.

Tayo on the other hand was shaking really bad, he couldn’t alter any word. But his friend kept on defending him self boldly for like 20 minutes until someone ran to the scene and immediately said “They not the thief, we just caught the thieves now, the same people that robbed us yesterday”.

That was how they escaped that big wahala (problem) that day.

Believe it or not, been bold has a lot of benefits.

Being bold to speak for your self, stand for your self, make decisions on your own and even stand before a crowd and give a speech. It’s just a major strength if one has it. No one loves a shy type, no one appreciates them.

Shy ones are easily intimidated by others, are also gullible and easily agrees to what people think about them because they can stand up and defend / express them self.

If you fall under the shy types category I have only one advice for you now.

Learn to boldly speak among your peers and friends. Master that till you can easily flow with people even strangers when you are having small talks. Remember it’s from little drops mighty oceans are formed.

You must first of all learn to talk in the midst of your colleagues, friends, peer groups, family members / meeting before trying out in front a crowd. It’s step by step.

I will talk more about this topic some time soon, bookmark this blog so that you won’t miss any update.


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