Focus is Key 


Two men were heading to an event in a personal vehicle. After driving for an hour, they reached a place. So many people gathered staring at some.

The one driving the vehicle told to other one that he wanted to stop the vehicle to know what’s happening but the other one pretended as if he wasn’t listening. He pleased again to stop but the other refused.

He kept on urging his partner in same vehicle that maybe it’s an accident scene, both of them can probably recue the victim. They shouldn’t watch someone die and all that. After a million plea and continuous urging, the other consented, he stopped the vehicle and they both got down.

They walked closer to the scene immediately the people there gathered around them and was like “thanks for coming down to help us, this young boy on the floor is having a convulsion, can you please be of assistance and hurry him to an hospital with your vehicle?

The men stared for a while, looked at themselves, shrugged their shoulders and nodded in unison. The people quickly carry the young boy and approached their vehicle. Placed the boy at the back of the vehicle, smiled and walked away.

The man driving the vehicle quickly checked his wrist watch and was immediately yelled “jez! We are running out of time bro, let’s hurry”.

As they approached their vehicle and entered, the young boy laying at the back surprisingly said thanks and quickly brought out a pistol. He ordered the men to bring all the cash on them, jewelries and also forced them to transfer money from their accounts to his using internet banking.

It was a painful experience, a bad scenario to keep in memory.

When the victim was telling me this story, tears ran down his cheeks and I really felt for him. The good he was trying to do Turner out bad to him.

There are so many lessons to learn from that story but I figured out one. Just imagine that they never stopped, such experience wouldn’t have happened right?

The event the men were going to was their goal, their destination. Driving there was a focus they planned to keep but they lost the focus on the way; stopped to know what was happening.

By losing there focus towards their goal, they paid a costly price. It wasn’t a little situation. The young boy at the back seat can be any thing, even an assassin and that may be their last day.

The more we lose focus towards our goal, the more farther will become from it. Focus is a key to a successful goal, the earlier you realise the better for you.

Forget distractions on the way and set your eyes on the prize that lays ahead of you.


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