Have a Plan

Some people’s life moves round a circle!
Yes! That’s the perfect start for this article.

I can’t imagine how someone will be on earth without any proper plan of the future and how he or she will like to run it.

A heard a story of two young men that works in the same company; employed on the same day. In the course of working together as colleagues they became friends. They both discussed life issues together and all that.

But Eric was a proper planner, a good manager that knows how to maintain and preserve his funds for the rainy day. He had a plan! He planned to work for 6 years to gather enough capital to start up his own business; it’s been long I heard the story so ehmmm… I can’t really remember the business he planned venturing into. Lol Who cares about that?

The other guy (Elvis) was the wild spender. He believes life should be enjoyed and there are opportunities for everyone, when his own comes he would grab on it and leave his current job. The opportunity might come from the bets and lotteries he always engage in. But he was this sure that his opportunity would come one day; and today should be enjoyed.

Exactly after 6 years, Eric tendered his resignation letter, despite the promotion and salary increase they offered him, he rejected it all and left. He had enough capital after working for those years, so he started his own business. It was really tough from the on set. At a time his office was robbed still he continuing pushing his business without giving up.

He wasn’t the rich entrepreneur though but he was comfortable with the little income that comes from it and the time he had to rest and be close to his family.

Eric do visit him during the weekends and sometimes would make jest of him and will suggest that he comes back to the company. After sometime he stopped visiting Eric.

Elvis worked there for over 15 years until he met a letter on his table; his termination letter. He prepared his Cv and started applying from one company to the other.

On day, he walked into a big organization, after passing the front gate, he saw a car parked in the garage, as he looked further, some body got down from the car and approached him.

The person was looking huge and rich not knowing that he was standing in front of Eric, his long time buddy.

He never knew earlier that Eric finally expanded his business and got different branches. He finally made it in business cause of proper planning!

He flee from been an employee to an employer. Out of shame, Elvis ran out of the gate without looking back. It was a sad ending for him.

I really learnt a lot from that story thats why i decided to share it.

This is my greatest lesson from it – Proper planning shapes a man’s life and destiny!


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