How to Control Jealousy

Awwwn that moment when someone you like or love is showing interest on someone else. Or perhaps wanting something that someone else has. Such feeling can be really unhappy and at times you get tempted to do crazy things just to get what you want.
I am really the jealous type like when I had my first crush, I got pissed seeing him around any other girl I wanted all attention to myself and no one else. Also one I had when my cousin was oppotuned to go shopping in Dubai I tried to discourage her about the idea giving her lame reasons but the truth is that I was jealous. I felt sad that I wasn’t in her position.
Being jealous is sort of natural. But acting jealous is dangerous. Jealousy starts from the eyes( what you see), grows in the mind (what you think or feel) and exhibits through your action (acting jealous).
Jealousy is a killer habit. It breaks relationship among couples, friends, colleages and so on. This article will help you control jealousy. Read this short story
Back then, I had a friend who ended her relationship with me because of jealousy. Then, it happened that her boyfriend and I were really close friends and believe me no stings attached. But she believed that her boyfriend and i were involved though i tried convincing her that it wasnt true.
So one day, I went to an eatry and coincidentally met her boyfriend there. He was really in a sad state. Being a good friend, I spent some time with him and consoled him to worry less. When we were about leaving, this friend of mine angrily walked into the eatry, slapped me and said a lot of hurtful things to me. She totally misinterpreted my relationship with her boyfriend. She later travelled leaving no news of her whereabouts till date.
I Hope she somehow come across this article. Now, let’s find out how to control jealousy.
Learn to trust. Trust is a solid foundation on which relationships are built. Trusting someone might not be easy especially if you have been hurt before but the presence of trust in a relationship prevents room for jealousy
Avoid acting jealous. Yea its okay to be jealous but ensure you do not act jealous. When feeling jealous, act normal and be yourself and don’t do crazy things that might destroy relationship. Acting jealous is a childish behavior.
Do not conclude based on what you see or feel. For instance, this friend of mine concluded that her boyfriend was cheating on her with me only because she sees us together most times.
Avoid listening to side talks. All the “them say them say” triggers jealousy. In the process of listening to gossips, you might hear false things which you probably might believe.
Seek advice. Talk to someone about what you feel and if possible, talk to the one making you feel jealous.
Are you currently feeling jealous?

Or are you tge jealous type?
Try and these few tips and be sure to get positive results
Be mature!!!


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