​Focus is Key II

After years struggling to get into higher institution, she finally got admission into the university. She was so proud of this achievement as she beat her chest in pride, waved her friends and kissed her mama good bye.  In her first year, she remembered the day her mum called her to the sitting room, showed her a news in a daily newspaper about a girl that lost her dignity because of wealth. The mum talked in length; poured all her elderly advice on her young daughter that was following the talk by nodding continuously.  After talking, her mum hugged her … Continue reading ​Focus is Key II

Focus is Key 

Two men were heading to an event in a personal vehicle. After driving for an hour, they reached a place. So many people gathered staring at some. The one driving the vehicle told to other one that he wanted to stop the vehicle to know what’s happening but the other one pretended as if he wasn’t listening. He pleased again to stop but the other refused. He kept on urging his partner in same vehicle that maybe it’s an accident scene, both of them can probably recue the victim. They shouldn’t watch someone die and all that. After a million … Continue reading Focus is Key 

Crazy Things People do for Money 

​ Have you ever done something crazy for money? Do you indulge in crazy things for the sake of money?  Are you in a state on deciding what to do to make more money? This article is definitely for you. It is disgusting to think or imagine the crazy things people do all because of money. They allow money control their thoughts, mind and attitude. All because of money the indulge  in immoral and life threathing dealings like; stealing, prostitution, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and so on  I recently met someone and during our conversation, he said something surprising. “Poverty … Continue reading Crazy Things People do for Money 

​Dress to Kill

Early last year, I went to a supermarket to acquire some gift items for some friends. As I was searching around for worthy provisions to buy, I saw something eye catchy. This our local “ijebu garri” was packaged in a fine wrapper. It was looking very enticing and worthy to behold. Believe me, I was very much impressed! With a huge some on my face, I got all I needed and left the store Have you been in that situation where you walk into an office and the front desk officer stares at you from head to toe and immediately … Continue reading ​Dress to Kill

​The Achievement Book 

Long time ago, I had one fancy book I always kept by my side; everywhere I went, the book follows.  I loved and cherished it like a child and won’t let anyone get hold of it. It was a top secret! If my right eye was staring at it, the left would have to look else where. It was this kind of book that I couldn’t let out of my sight.  Do you want to know the book? It was my “achievement book”. Early that year, I got this particular fancy book to record my works and achievements for each … Continue reading ​The Achievement Book 

Is  Education important? 

I am always asked this question all the time; it’s now a daily thing. Neighbor, peers and family members always want to know what I think about this topic.  I met a rich business man some years ago. He was really successful and very rich; a envied him. He controls lot of educated staff around him; PhD holders, Msc holders, managers and lots more. Everyone calls him sir depict that he wasn’t educated.  One day, I was opportune to talk to him and he said “Bright, don’t quit school depict the money an employer offers you. Make sure you finish … Continue reading Is  Education important? 

Honesty in its Simplest Form

On my way back from work today, I stopped by a shop to buy something. After requesting for what I need, I paid the shop attendant. He collected the money, packed my goods and gave me my balance.  Looking at the amount he has given me I noticed it was excess then I asked him “how much did I give to you and how much is supposed to be my balance?” He replied looking carefully at the money he had given me. Then he realised almost immediately that he had over paid me. I smiled, refunded the money, picked up … Continue reading Honesty in its Simplest Form

Happy Birthday messages/wishes for Friends

​Is your friend’s birthday coming up soon? Are you having difficulties in composing a birthday messages/wishes for a friend? Good news…you just stumbled on the right post! Birthday is a very special day in a persons life that’s why bricy articles has compiled 30 birthday messages/wishes for friends. 1. Friends stick to each other and that’s what you have been doing ever since. I wish you lots of happiness, joy and fulfillment this day. Happy Birthday! 2. Today marks the birthday of a friend. Not just a friend but a very special person. I wish you the best today Happy … Continue reading Happy Birthday messages/wishes for Friends

51 Interesting Easter Messages for your family and loved ones

Its Easter friend. A time to remember what our saviour suffered cause of us. Let’s make this Easter a memorable one. Listed below are 50 messages you can send to your family and friends this season. Enjoy! The risen of Christ Jesus will bring about a rise in your business, life, education and finance. When I think about Jesus, I remember his unique qualities. I wish you all those qualities on this special day. May the Good Friday bring about goodness in your life and may the Easter Sunday bring a rise all around you. He died so that we … Continue reading 51 Interesting Easter Messages for your family and loved ones