Be Your own Boss: Business

      “Be proud of your investments not your salary”. Personally, I am the business oriented type. I enjoy being a boss not because I don’t like taking orders from other people but because it gives me an opportunity to ultimately utilize my management skills. This article isn’t to discourage working for other people but rather it is to give you an insight that you too can be your own boss! Some basic tips to run a successful business Start small. Starting up a business doesn’t require making it big at the beginning stage. Business is a risk so … Continue reading Be Your own Boss: Business

How Inspiration Works and What it does

    How inspiration works and what it does Do you know that your creativity depends on your inspiration? There is nothing you do that someone hasn’t in one way or the other done same. It is the inspirational force or idea that makes the difference! A writer, a blogger, an artist, a fashion designer, an artiste, a graphics designer, a stylist etc all needs inspiration to be the best in what they do. It took me inspiration to draft something about inspiration and it takes someone looking for inspiration to read this post till the end. As my usual … Continue reading How Inspiration Works and What it does

How to stop forgetting things easily

​Are you too forgetful? Do you forget things so easily? Are you tired of always having to go through a lot of stress because you forgot to bring your key or some money with you? Once upon a time, I easily forgot about things. I might be asked to do something and in less than a minute after the person leaves, I forget. Countless times I have stayed hungry all day and walked a long distance because I left my purse or key at home. It was really bad. Nobody is a computer at some point, we are all bound … Continue reading How to stop forgetting things easily

The Power of a Smile

​ “That smile was angelic, it was heavenly, it was magical, it gave me hope and reason to live again, it was my inspiration, it was all I needed” he said to me on the opening of his new company. I wasn’t really the ‘always smiling type’ as some people call it. Back then, I always had a very serious strong looking face, I barely smiled. It wasn’t because I do not like smiling or I was always sad or I had no reason to smile. No! I just didn’t know the power of a smile. It was 5 years … Continue reading The Power of a Smile

A Life Changing Encounter

Many years back, my ideology about life was far different from the way I see it now. My beliefs, my attitude and who I used to be changed after the life changing encounter. Before, I used to think that life was only about fun, party and all that. I never believed in love, never had human sympathy or thought about the future. I always seek revenge at any cost not minding how many lifes would be lost by my actions, my ego got the better of me, families. Life, properties were destroyed all because of my wicked actions! One fateful … Continue reading A Life Changing Encounter

Expecting something big? Be patient! (Part 2)

​Just a continuation of Expecting something big? Be patient If you have been following to this point, I advice you don’t stop now. Read on Let’s get deeper into patience and impatience… Impatience can make you loose great opportunities. Mr Chris was supposed to be the MD for that branch but he lost the opportunity as a result of his impatience. To Mr Chris, resigning and waiting to see if the company would call him back and promote him was the easiest and best solution but “the easiest solution is not always the best solution”. Sometimes, delay happens because something … Continue reading Expecting something big? Be patient! (Part 2)

Expecting something big? Be patient!

​Mr Chris worked for a company for many years. He was ranked a level 4 staff in his department. In the company, staffs were being promoted after 3 years of being in a particular level. After three years of being a level 4 staff, he was due for promotion but for some reasons, his promotion was delayed. Out of impatience, he wrote a resignation letter thinking he will be begged to stay back due to his commitment to work. Unfortunately for him, the company let him go and few weeks after he resigned, Mr Chris assistant was promoted in his … Continue reading Expecting something big? Be patient!

Regain Energy Save Tomorrow (REST)

“You should go home now and ensure you always have enough rest to reduce your blood pressure” the doctor said to me few years ago when I fell sick as a result of too much stress. As I walked back home from the hospital, I was deep in thought. Out of 24 hours in a day, I barely have time for myself, I slept less than four hours in a day, my entire time was dedicated work, projects, family and so on. At a time, I noticed I wasn’t effective in the things i was doing. Then, my boss complained … Continue reading Regain Energy Save Tomorrow (REST)

Tips for healthy living

“Our visit to the hospital wasn’t a happy one. Of course, a visit to the hospital isn’t a happy one but what saddened me is that many patients found in the hospital are the cause of their own sickness” a charity welfare leader said when he returned from a charity visit to the hospital with his team. “70% of cases in the hospital would have been avoided if only the victims had taken proper repacaution and lived healthier” he added. Sickness and death rates increases daily and victims are the primary cause of their illness. Importance of healthy living  1. … Continue reading Tips for healthy living

A Mother’s Love; The True Meaning of Love 

When I got inspired to write an article about love, it seemed strange. As simple as the word maybe it is very deep. Deeper than anyone could imagine and so complicated than complication itself. Its more practical that theorical. So writing an article about love seemed a bit challenging! Now the big question is “what is love?” Individually, we have our various meaning of love depending on our personal experience. To clearly expanciate on the true meaning of love I would be using the love of a mother. A mother’s love is selfless, sincere, everlasting, generous, kind, unconditional, indescribable, unique, … Continue reading A Mother’s Love; The True Meaning of Love 

How I Stopped Trusting People Easily

Some months back, I was opportune to get a job in a big company. It was my first time of being employed without having an interview or proper orientation. You can imagine being in a place where you don’t know the working days, time, rules and regulation and most especially the salary. You are left to figure them out yourself! The only way I thought of to find about all these was relating with other co workers. One of them encouraged me to be patient that’s the job was really cool and as for the manager not interviewing me, that … Continue reading How I Stopped Trusting People Easily