Is  Education important? 

  I am always asked this question all the time; it’s now a daily thing. Neighbor, peers and family members always want to know what I think about this topic. I met a rich business man some years ago. He was really successful and very rich; a envied him. He controls lot of educated staff around him; PhD holders, Msc holders, managers and lots more. Everyone calls him sir depict that he wasn’t educated. One day, I was opportune to talk to him and he said “Bright, don’t quit school depict the money an employer offers you. Make sure you … Continue reading Is  Education important? 

What to do after Failing an Exam

“This is not the end of the world” Mr. Mark said facing his son, Johnson. In 2005, Johnson wrote an entrance exam to get into a college of his dreams but things went sour. He spent hard cash, devoted his time and energy pursuing the admission but after the entire tussle, his effort yielded no result. This got him frustrated, depressed and angry with life; wishing he never existed. First of all, examination isn’t the true test of knowledge because so many reasons might be responsible for failure. A bright student might be so unfortunate and mess up during an … Continue reading What to do after Failing an Exam

5 Reasons why you fail exams

Hi friends, The above topic is annoying right? Don’t be offended, am just trying to help out here that’s all. I don’t like to see a friend fail an examination. Firstly, examination isn’t the true test of a student’s brain just note that. There are so many reasons why students fail exams but am only listing five here of them here, elaborating and giving possible ways to solve the problem. YOU DON’T READ I know you will be like “is it possible that an individual is to write an examination and he won’t open his books?” My answer is a … Continue reading 5 Reasons why you fail exams