Happy Birthday messages/wishes for Friends

​Is your friend’s birthday coming up soon? Are you having difficulties in composing a birthday messages/wishes for a friend? Good news…you just stumbled on the right post! Birthday is a very special day in a persons life that’s why bricy articles has compiled 30 birthday messages/wishes for friends. 1. Friends stick to each other and that’s what you have been doing ever since. I wish you lots of happiness, joy and fulfillment this day. Happy Birthday! 2. Today marks the birthday of a friend. Not just a friend but a very special person. I wish you the best today Happy … Continue reading Happy Birthday messages/wishes for Friends

How to break up from bad friends

If you missed our post on “4 things to check before making a friend” CLICK HERE. Maybe that post came late and now you are stocked with those bad guys hmmm not to worry, there is a solution. It is a known fact that the extent evil (bad) influences good is more than that of good influencing bad that’s why it’s always advisable not to get entangled with bad friends. The influencing possibilities are so high that’s why anyone in their snare always struggle to break loose and run quickly to the next available exit without looking back. Many destinies … Continue reading How to break up from bad friends

Qualities of good friends

  There is that special person that is very close to you that when people see the both of you walk together on the street, they always think he or she is your twin. Whenever you read an article having the word “friend”, the thought of the person immediately pops to your mind. You always have a feeling that the person is God sent because of the helps rendered to you in times of great needs. The advantages of friends are endless especially the good ones. Below are ten qualities I noted about good friends. THEY STICK TO YOU Good … Continue reading Qualities of good friends

Gaining lot of friends lately? Check your life…

Everyone wants to be with a fun person, a person that would make their day …a person that will be there when they really need a helping hand. And it’s really cool if you have all these properties but the problem now lies when your friend list keeps growing larger each day (I don’t mean your social media account). Having friends is good and helpful but do not strive to have many. THE PROBLEMS When you start surrounding yourself with different faces, you are in trouble because you are now inviting wild animals were you should only have domestic ones. … Continue reading Gaining lot of friends lately? Check your life…

Steps in Building Trust among your Peers

Trust is the foundation on which healthy relationships are built. It is the most expensive thing in the world because it takes years to earn and a matter of seconds to loose. According to George Mac Donald, “To be trusted is a greater compliment than been loved”. From research, it can be deduced that the amount of trust that exists in an organization, the society or a family is at minimal. This is so because of unfortunate past or historical events where trust were misplaced. In recent times, people find it difficult to build trust among their peers or regain … Continue reading Steps in Building Trust among your Peers

4 Things to check before making friends

A friend is the most important ingredient in the recipe called Life. A friend is a companion, a mentor, a partner, an adviser. A friend is someone you think your life won’t be any good if they do not exist because they are always there to support you even if the whole world opposes you. A friend makes you smile brighter, laugh louder and live better. A friend is someone who knows your flaws, your imperfection but loves you just the way you are. A friend might not be related to you by blood but loyalty makes you related. Lol you might be … Continue reading 4 Things to check before making friends