​Focus is Key II

  After years struggling to get into higher institution, she finally got admission into the university. She was so proud of this achievement as she beat her chest in pride, waved her friends and kissed her mama good bye. In her first year, she remembered the day her mum called her to the sitting room, showed her a news in a daily newspaper about a girl that lost her dignity because of wealth. The mum talked in length; poured all her elderly advice on her young daughter that was following the talk by nodding continuously. After talking, her mum hugged … Continue reading ​Focus is Key II

Focus is Key 

Two men were heading to an event in a personal vehicle. After driving for an hour, they reached a place. So many people gathered staring at some. The one driving the vehicle told to other one that he wanted to stop the vehicle to know what’s happening but the other one pretended as if he wasn’t listening. He pleased again to stop but the other refused. He kept on urging his partner in same vehicle that maybe it’s an accident scene, both of them can probably recue the victim. They shouldn’t watch someone die and all that. After a million … Continue reading Focus is Key 

Taking an Extra Mile 2

Hello guys… this is a continuation of “TAKING AN EXTRA MILE”. Please note that reading this part of the topic is like building a house without foundation (Click HERE to read TAKING AN EXTRA MILE PART 1). FACTS ABOUT TAKING AN EXTRA MILE Going an extra mile requires you to be determined about your goal. The other nine young men though found treasures but overlooked their main goal. Going an extra mile is discouraging. The young man was discouraged when he remembered how difficult it was for ten men to dig ten plantations and he was about digging a whole … Continue reading Taking an Extra Mile 2

Taking an Extra Mile 1

Someone once told me a story and it goes thus: There lived an old feeble man who was once wise and strong. He knew where all the treasures of the land were hidden and he was about dying so he thought he should expose the hidden treasures so it could be beneficial to people. One day, he called ten young men and directed them where to go in search of the treasures. “There are ten treasures hidden between ten plantations but you are to look for not just those treasures but also a diamond treasure which is the most important” … Continue reading Taking an Extra Mile 1

Goal Setting – “SMART” Goals

Hello friends, In case you missed my article on Goal setting, CLICK HERE Have you just written your goal but you are not sure if it is the right goal? Or have you been setting goals but have not really actualized them? This may be because you have not set a “SMART” goal. You probably must have heard about “SMART” goals but you have not applied it in setting your goals. Get ready to set “SMART” goals. S – SPECIFIC In setting your goals, you must have precise idea of what it is you want to achieve. For example, when … Continue reading Goal Setting – “SMART” Goals

Goal Setting – START method of achieving goals

  The journey so far has been wonderful! I have emphasized on “Goal Setting would not be complete without it being achieved”, that is why I am writing an article on the “START” method of achieving goals. It is a simple and straight forward method to enable you achieve your goals. Note that the “START” method cannot be used without setting “SMART” GOALS (Click here to read on how to set “SMART” goals) S – STRATEGY Have you just written your goals? Outline or design a plan to bring about the achievement of the goal. T – TREASURE “You do … Continue reading Goal Setting – START method of achieving goals

Goal Setting – How to Set Goals

Have you heard of this popular saying “By failing to plan, you are planning to fail”? It may sound funny but it is absolutely true. When you hear the word “Goal” what comes to your mind? When you hear the phrase “Goal Setting”, what idea do you have about it? I asked these questions because “your idea about anything would influence your result about that thing” believe me or not, it’s true! WHAT IS A GOAL? A goal is a vision, target, aim and a desired result. “Your goal determines your end”. Like in a football match, there is a … Continue reading Goal Setting – How to Set Goals