​The Achievement Book 

         Long time ago, I had one fancy book I always kept by my side; everywhere I went, the book follows.  I loved and cherished it like a child and won’t let anyone get hold of it. It was a top secret! If my right eye was staring at it, the left would have to look else where. It was this kind of book that I couldn’t let out of my sight.  Do you want to know the book? It was my “achievement book”. Early that year, I got this particular fancy book to record my works … Continue reading ​The Achievement Book 

How Inspiration Works and What it does

    How inspiration works and what it does Do you know that your creativity depends on your inspiration? There is nothing you do that someone hasn’t in one way or the other done same. It is the inspirational force or idea that makes the difference! A writer, a blogger, an artist, a fashion designer, an artiste, a graphics designer, a stylist etc all needs inspiration to be the best in what they do. It took me inspiration to draft something about inspiration and it takes someone looking for inspiration to read this post till the end. As my usual … Continue reading How Inspiration Works and What it does

How to stop forgetting things easily

​Are you too forgetful? Do you forget things so easily? Are you tired of always having to go through a lot of stress because you forgot to bring your key or some money with you? Once upon a time, I easily forgot about things. I might be asked to do something and in less than a minute after the person leaves, I forget. Countless times I have stayed hungry all day and walked a long distance because I left my purse or key at home. It was really bad. Nobody is a computer at some point, we are all bound … Continue reading How to stop forgetting things easily

How to Maximize your Time

“Take your time and work very hard for the days are rolling by. Once opportunity is lost, it can never be regained. Do not waste your golden time for the days are rolling by”. Time is the most precious gift of life. It is one of the priceless gold that cannot be bought with money because it is “money”. When it is being used effectively, it becomes productive. Maximizing your time involves doing the right things that matters and at the right time. Have you noticed you have not been productive with your time or you want to know how … Continue reading How to Maximize your Time

How to Memorize and Learn New Things Easily

Are you having a hard time learning something new? Understanding a skill better? Mastering a subject or new topic? This is the solution you have been craving for! Learning can sometimes be boring if you aren’t assimilating the things been taught quickly. Or even more frustrating if you aren’t understanding it at all. Oh! I have gone through that route before and I know how bad it feels. The good news is – they are ways in which you can brush up your learning skills quickly with ease but am not letting out the entire cats out of the bag. … Continue reading How to Memorize and Learn New Things Easily