How to stop forgetting things easily

​Are you too forgetful? Do you forget things so easily? Are you tired of always having to go through a lot of stress because you forgot to bring your key or some money with you? Once upon a time, I easily forgot about things. I might be asked to do something and in less than a minute after the person leaves, I forget. Countless times I have stayed hungry all day and walked a long distance because I left my purse or key at home. It was really bad. Nobody is a computer at some point, we are all bound … Continue reading How to stop forgetting things easily

Tips for healthy living

“Our visit to the hospital wasn’t a happy one. Of course, a visit to the hospital isn’t a happy one but what saddened me is that many patients found in the hospital are the cause of their own sickness” a charity welfare leader said when he returned from a charity visit to the hospital with his team. “70% of cases in the hospital would have been avoided if only the victims had taken proper repacaution and lived healthier” he added. Sickness and death rates increases daily and victims are the primary cause of their illness. Importance of healthy living  1. … Continue reading Tips for healthy living

How to break up from bad friends

If you missed our post on “4 things to check before making a friend” CLICK HERE. Maybe that post came late and now you are stocked with those bad guys hmmm not to worry, there is a solution. It is a known fact that the extent evil (bad) influences good is more than that of good influencing bad that’s why it’s always advisable not to get entangled with bad friends. The influencing possibilities are so high that’s why anyone in their snare always struggle to break loose and run quickly to the next available exit without looking back. Many destinies … Continue reading How to break up from bad friends

How to live in peace with that person that always trouble you

Living with a troublesome person is really annoying but there are ways to make it fun. Are you interested? Continue reading this article… Living with a troublesome person is like waking up on the wrong side of the bed, drinking coffee with a fork, sitting forcefully on a balloon in order to deflect it and eating salad without cabbage. Maybe I didn’t mention really annoying things but I hope you got the basic idea here. They are just so annoying to be with but after reading this post, you will enjoy staying with them. Check tips below Let the troublesome … Continue reading How to live in peace with that person that always trouble you

How to stop a Bad Habit

“I find myself doing this even after making up my mind to stop it” That’s what someone told me one day wearing a sad look. I looked at him with great pity and walked away. I called him the next day but he delayed a little before picking up. After saying “hello”, I noticed that his voice wasn’t sounding alive. I immediately asked him what’s the matter but he replied me with a cracking voice that he just collected his test result and it shows that he has a lung infection because of his bad smoking habit. He broke down … Continue reading How to stop a Bad Habit

How to plan a Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party is usually stressful but successful when carefully planned the right way. A birthday party is one of the most special day in a person’s life so you should put in your best in making that day memorable. The earlier the preparations start, the easier it would be. The planning should start at least 5 weeks before the stipulated date. Below are planning steps for you to adopt: BUDGET Planning a birthday party involves money so it is important to have a detailed plans on your spending to avoid irrelevant spending. THEME Pick a unique theme for … Continue reading How to plan a Birthday Party

How to know when someone is lying

Lol… Xup guys! I just thought of writing an article on this topic when I overheard someone saying “you lie pass devil” “oh my Gosh! Like seriously” “That must be a terrible lie”. We engage in different discussions everyday so it is important to know when someone is lying to avoid being deceived or cheated. Detecting a lie requires professional education and practices but with these few ways, an average person can catch a liar. EYE MOVEMENT AND DIRECTION The eye movement of a person trying to make something up is different from a person trying to recall something. The … Continue reading How to know when someone is lying

How to Maximize your Time

“Take your time and work very hard for the days are rolling by. Once opportunity is lost, it can never be regained. Do not waste your golden time for the days are rolling by”. Time is the most precious gift of life. It is one of the priceless gold that cannot be bought with money because it is “money”. When it is being used effectively, it becomes productive. Maximizing your time involves doing the right things that matters and at the right time. Have you noticed you have not been productive with your time or you want to know how … Continue reading How to Maximize your Time

How to Memorize and Learn New Things Easily

Are you having a hard time learning something new? Understanding a skill better? Mastering a subject or new topic? This is the solution you have been craving for! Learning can sometimes be boring if you aren’t assimilating the things been taught quickly. Or even more frustrating if you aren’t understanding it at all. Oh! I have gone through that route before and I know how bad it feels. The good news is – they are ways in which you can brush up your learning skills quickly with ease but am not letting out the entire cats out of the bag. … Continue reading How to Memorize and Learn New Things Easily