I Love My Job! 

Check out these two men HE HATES HIS JOB He woke up early in the morning, stretched both hands and yawned out loud. Quickly stared at the clock and he was like “let me go back to bed, there’s still some time’. He finally woke up late after the long sleep; walked to the bathroom sluggishly. After showering, he got dressed and left home. Approaching the office, he was looking really sad like a man having lots of ugly memories in his head. Little issues and reactions from his fellow colleagues irritated him. He got frustrated working. When it was … Continue reading I Love My Job! 

A Mother’s Love; The True Meaning of Love 

When I got inspired to write an article about love, it seemed strange. As simple as the word maybe it is very deep. Deeper than anyone could imagine and so complicated than complication itself. Its more practical that theorical. So writing an article about love seemed a bit challenging! Now the big question is “what is love?” Individually, we have our various meaning of love depending on our personal experience. To clearly expanciate on the true meaning of love I would be using the love of a mother. A mother’s love is selfless, sincere, everlasting, generous, kind, unconditional, indescribable, unique, … Continue reading A Mother’s Love; The True Meaning of Love 

Love from Kiddies World: Forgiveness in its simplest form

I was about leaving my room when I noticed something, I stood and watched. I saw two little kids playing; they were lifting each other up a high pavement with cute smiles on their sweet little faces. I immediately remembered what happened the day before. They were the same kids that quarreled so hard that I got to intervene. It was a serious quarrel that could have lasted the whole day but was stopped by my little involvement. Now watching them play again was something that one may tag “magical”. As I was still there watching them, I quickly remembered … Continue reading Love from Kiddies World: Forgiveness in its simplest form