​3 Worst Phrases – You also say them! 

   A particular company was at the verge of shutting down so the marketing team held an emergency meeting in order to get advices that will revive the company back to it standard. After much deliberation, they all decided on a great idea. After everything, they passed the “baton” to the head of the marketing team to execute all brilliant ideas which he agreed to do so. The idea was supposed to be executed before 21 days and if they fail, the company will run down. After 7 days, they met the HOD that was suppose to execute their plan … Continue reading ​3 Worst Phrases – You also say them! 

Expecting something big? Be patient! (Part 2)

​Just a continuation of Expecting something big? Be patient If you have been following to this point, I advice you don’t stop now. Read on Let’s get deeper into patience and impatience… Impatience can make you loose great opportunities. Mr Chris was supposed to be the MD for that branch but he lost the opportunity as a result of his impatience. To Mr Chris, resigning and waiting to see if the company would call him back and promote him was the easiest and best solution but “the easiest solution is not always the best solution”. Sometimes, delay happens because something … Continue reading Expecting something big? Be patient! (Part 2)

Expecting something big? Be patient!

​Mr Chris worked for a company for many years. He was ranked a level 4 staff in his department. In the company, staffs were being promoted after 3 years of being in a particular level. After three years of being a level 4 staff, he was due for promotion but for some reasons, his promotion was delayed. Out of impatience, he wrote a resignation letter thinking he will be begged to stay back due to his commitment to work. Unfortunately for him, the company let him go and few weeks after he resigned, Mr Chris assistant was promoted in his … Continue reading Expecting something big? Be patient!

​What have you achieved? 

Waking up this morning, I sat down on my chair and was pondering about life. Feeling worried about so many things; things I wished to achieve and things I ought to achieve. Lifestyle I prayed to adopt and characters I hoped to stop. Things aren’t how I planned. It’s been a rough year filled with ups and downs. I have always wished it to be good for me. Current situations surrounding me forced me to ask my self this question, what have I achieved? We are slowing finishing the first half of the year and about stepping into the second … Continue reading ​What have you achieved? 

Emotionally down? Read this!

​ “I have a job, I have a house, I have a car, I have a lot of money but why am I not happy? How can I be happy?” Pam (not a real name) said sadly to himself. Are you like Pam? Are you feeling sad/unhappy? Searching for happiness? Then this article is definitely for you! Happiness to some maybe being wealthy, to others may mean having someone who you love and loves you back or, you can find people who will define happiness as living a healthy life. From experience, i would say “Happiness is an inner satisfaction. … Continue reading Emotionally down? Read this!

Optimism Vs. Pessimism… Be optimistic!

​ Optimism: a tendency to be hopeful and to expect that something good will happen. Pessimism: the attitude of someone who expects the worst things to happen in every situation. Someone who is optimistic is hopeful about the future and tends to expect that positive things will happen despite the current challenge. I’m writing this article based on my personal experience! Two friends of mine had a challenge and the situation seemed hopeless so as a friend I adviced them both to be optimistic. One heeded to my advice and became hopeful but the other remained hopeless. And guess what? … Continue reading Optimism Vs. Pessimism… Be optimistic!

Don’t worry, Nature fix things!

I have learnt something about life but in a hard way! While growing up, I did something bad to a friend that got him really mad at me. I spoilt something and i was really regretting it; was totally confused on how to fix it. I couldn’t sleep that night, I was just thinking, wishing and praying for a solution to the problem cause what I actually spoilt wasn’t for him; it was his dad’s. The following day I asked him, what should we do and he was like don’t worry, my dad isn’t mad about it. I was really … Continue reading Don’t worry, Nature fix things!

What is stopping you from achieving success?

Every good plan, every goal isn’t complete if it is not successful. Every one wishes to find good success in whatsoever they venture into; a success that would leave a huge smile on the face but at times they are limited by one factor or the other. ISN’T SUCCESS INTERESTING If you plan on getting a ride (car) before the end of a certain year, then you strive really hard; sacrificing your belly, your spending and everything. If you finally acquire that car, how will you feel? That’s the interesting part of success; just like goal getting. When you finally … Continue reading What is stopping you from achieving success?

Qualities of a Good Leader

A good leader is one who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way. A good leader is one who sees more than other sees, who sees before others sees and who sees farther than other sees. A good leader is one who helps an organization or group of people achieve their goal. A leader is one who can tell you how to reach your goal but a good leader is one who helps you reach your goal. A good leader is a friend, a source of inspiration, a motivator, an instructor… A good leader’s action inspires you … Continue reading Qualities of a Good Leader