Honesty in its Simplest Form

     On my way back from work today, I stopped by a shop to buy something. After requesting for what I need, I paid the shop attendant. He collected the money, packed my goods and gave me my balance.  Looking at the amount he has given me I noticed it was excess then I asked him “how much did I give to you and how much is supposed to be my balance?” He replied looking carefully at the money he had given me. Then he realised almost immediately that he had over paid me. I smiled, refunded the money, … Continue reading Honesty in its Simplest Form

The Power of a Smile

​ “That smile was angelic, it was heavenly, it was magical, it gave me hope and reason to live again, it was my inspiration, it was all I needed” he said to me on the opening of his new company. I wasn’t really the ‘always smiling type’ as some people call it. Back then, I always had a very serious strong looking face, I barely smiled. It wasn’t because I do not like smiling or I was always sad or I had no reason to smile. No! I just didn’t know the power of a smile. It was 5 years … Continue reading The Power of a Smile

A Life Changing Encounter

Many years back, my ideology about life was far different from the way I see it now. My beliefs, my attitude and who I used to be changed after the life changing encounter. Before, I used to think that life was only about fun, party and all that. I never believed in love, never had human sympathy or thought about the future. I always seek revenge at any cost not minding how many lifes would be lost by my actions, my ego got the better of me, families. Life, properties were destroyed all because of my wicked actions! One fateful … Continue reading A Life Changing Encounter

Regain Energy Save Tomorrow (REST)

“You should go home now and ensure you always have enough rest to reduce your blood pressure” the doctor said to me few years ago when I fell sick as a result of too much stress. As I walked back home from the hospital, I was deep in thought. Out of 24 hours in a day, I barely have time for myself, I slept less than four hours in a day, my entire time was dedicated work, projects, family and so on. At a time, I noticed I wasn’t effective in the things i was doing. Then, my boss complained … Continue reading Regain Energy Save Tomorrow (REST)

How I Stopped Trusting People Easily

Some months back, I was opportune to get a job in a big company. It was my first time of being employed without having an interview or proper orientation. You can imagine being in a place where you don’t know the working days, time, rules and regulation and most especially the salary. You are left to figure them out yourself! The only way I thought of to find about all these was relating with other co workers. One of them encouraged me to be patient that’s the job was really cool and as for the manager not interviewing me, that … Continue reading How I Stopped Trusting People Easily

Optimism Vs. Pessimism… Be optimistic!

​ Optimism: a tendency to be hopeful and to expect that something good will happen. Pessimism: the attitude of someone who expects the worst things to happen in every situation. Someone who is optimistic is hopeful about the future and tends to expect that positive things will happen despite the current challenge. I’m writing this article based on my personal experience! Two friends of mine had a challenge and the situation seemed hopeless so as a friend I adviced them both to be optimistic. One heeded to my advice and became hopeful but the other remained hopeless. And guess what? … Continue reading Optimism Vs. Pessimism… Be optimistic!