Happy Birthday messages/wishes for Friends

​Is your friend’s birthday coming up soon? Are you having difficulties in composing a birthday messages/wishes for a friend? Good news…you just stumbled on the right post! Birthday is a very special day in a persons life that’s why bricy articles has compiled 30 birthday messages/wishes for friends. 1. Friends stick to each other and that’s what you have been doing ever since. I wish you lots of happiness, joy and fulfillment this day. Happy Birthday! 2. Today marks the birthday of a friend. Not just a friend but a very special person. I wish you the best today Happy … Continue reading Happy Birthday messages/wishes for Friends

4 Things to check before making friends

A friend is the most important ingredient in the recipe called Life. A friend is a companion, a mentor, a partner, an adviser. A friend is someone you think your life won’t be any good if they do not exist because they are always there to support you even if the whole world opposes you. A friend makes you smile brighter, laugh louder and live better. A friend is someone who knows your flaws, your imperfection but loves you just the way you are. A friend might not be related to you by blood but loyalty makes you related. Lol you might be … Continue reading 4 Things to check before making friends

5 Reasons why you fail exams

Hi friends, The above topic is annoying right? Don’t be offended, am just trying to help out here that’s all. I don’t like to see a friend fail an examination. Firstly, examination isn’t the true test of a student’s brain just note that. There are so many reasons why students fail exams but am only listing five here of them here, elaborating and giving possible ways to solve the problem. YOU DON’T READ I know you will be like “is it possible that an individual is to write an examination and he won’t open his books?” My answer is a … Continue reading 5 Reasons why you fail exams

51 Interesting Easter Messages for your family and loved ones

Its Easter friend. A time to remember what our saviour suffered cause of us. Let’s make this Easter a memorable one. Listed below are 50 messages you can send to your family and friends this season. Enjoy! The risen of Christ Jesus will bring about a rise in your business, life, education and finance. When I think about Jesus, I remember his unique qualities. I wish you all those qualities on this special day. May the Good Friday bring about goodness in your life and may the Easter Sunday bring a rise all around you. He died so that we … Continue reading 51 Interesting Easter Messages for your family and loved ones