Crazy Things People do for Money 

​         Have you ever done something crazy for money? Do you indulge in crazy things for the sake of money?  Are you in a state on deciding what to do to make more money? This article is definitely for you. It is disgusting to think or imagine the crazy things people do all because of money. They allow money control their thoughts, mind and attitude. All because of money the indulge  in immoral and life threathing dealings like; stealing, prostitution, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and so on  I recently met someone and during our conversation, he … Continue reading Crazy Things People do for Money 

Be Your own Boss: Business

      “Be proud of your investments not your salary”. Personally, I am the business oriented type. I enjoy being a boss not because I don’t like taking orders from other people but because it gives me an opportunity to ultimately utilize my management skills. This article isn’t to discourage working for other people but rather it is to give you an insight that you too can be your own boss! Some basic tips to run a successful business Start small. Starting up a business doesn’t require making it big at the beginning stage. Business is a risk so … Continue reading Be Your own Boss: Business

How Inspiration Works and What it does

    How inspiration works and what it does Do you know that your creativity depends on your inspiration? There is nothing you do that someone hasn’t in one way or the other done same. It is the inspirational force or idea that makes the difference! A writer, a blogger, an artist, a fashion designer, an artiste, a graphics designer, a stylist etc all needs inspiration to be the best in what they do. It took me inspiration to draft something about inspiration and it takes someone looking for inspiration to read this post till the end. As my usual … Continue reading How Inspiration Works and What it does

How to stop forgetting things easily

​Are you too forgetful? Do you forget things so easily? Are you tired of always having to go through a lot of stress because you forgot to bring your key or some money with you? Once upon a time, I easily forgot about things. I might be asked to do something and in less than a minute after the person leaves, I forget. Countless times I have stayed hungry all day and walked a long distance because I left my purse or key at home. It was really bad. Nobody is a computer at some point, we are all bound … Continue reading How to stop forgetting things easily

Four Bad Habits That Could Be Good For You

Hello guys, funny topic right? Whatever has an advantage must also have a disadvantage. So there, bad habits are bad but there are some that could be good for you. Bad habits may not actually be as harmful as you think especially when they are done the right way. Research shows that bad habits might be bad for other people but are healthy for you. There are a whole lot of them but we would be discussing four (4) today. Getting angry and showing it: Losing your temper always may not get you lot of friends but research shows that … Continue reading Four Bad Habits That Could Be Good For You