Is ponzi the way out?

  Out of cash or need extra cash? Considering doing ponzi or already into ponzi? First, answer this question………. Is ponzi the way out? Ponzi scheme: a fraudulent investment of paying earlier investors at the expense of the later. In other words “robbing Peter to pay Paul” and very few are lucky to be Paul. Ponzi has become a popular online business many Nigerians venture into for the purpose of making extra income. Hmmmmm is that that the way out? Read on! Online ponzi is a 50-50% chance of getting your cash and when you loose, you loose 100%. Many … Continue reading Is ponzi the way out?


The battle most people face is the fear of failure. Have you ever been so afraid of failing that you decided not to try again or not to try at all? It’s a natural thing to experience fear of failure but it becomes dangerous allowing it grow in you like “tumour”. Fear of failure is something that has aborted the dreams of so many people. They face fear of failure in business, marriage, relationships, education and so on. NOTE: Fear of failure cannot be totally eradicated as it occurs whenever you try embarking on any goal but it can be … Continue reading OVERCOMING FEAR OF FAILURE

What is stopping you from achieving success?

Every good plan, every goal isn’t complete if it is not successful. Every one wishes to find good success in whatsoever they venture into; a success that would leave a huge smile on the face but at times they are limited by one factor or the other. ISN’T SUCCESS INTERESTING If you plan on getting a ride (car) before the end of a certain year, then you strive really hard; sacrificing your belly, your spending and everything. If you finally acquire that car, how will you feel? That’s the interesting part of success; just like goal getting. When you finally … Continue reading What is stopping you from achieving success?

Goal Setting – How to Set Goals

Have you heard of this popular saying “By failing to plan, you are planning to fail”? It may sound funny but it is absolutely true. When you hear the word “Goal” what comes to your mind? When you hear the phrase “Goal Setting”, what idea do you have about it? I asked these questions because “your idea about anything would influence your result about that thing” believe me or not, it’s true! WHAT IS A GOAL? A goal is a vision, target, aim and a desired result. “Your goal determines your end”. Like in a football match, there is a … Continue reading Goal Setting – How to Set Goals