How to Control Jealousy

​ Awwwwwn that moment when someone you like or love is showing interest on someone else. Or perhaps wanting something that someone else has. Such feeling can be really unhappy and at times you get tempted to do crazy things just to get what you want. I am really the jealous type like when I had my first crush, I got pissed seeing him around any other girl I wanted all attention to myself and no one else. Also one I had when my cousin was oppotuned to go shopping in Dubai I tried to discourage her about the idea … Continue reading How to Control Jealousy

​Understanding is Very Important

After years of doing some researches, I discovered something. Continue reading to know what I discovered. I looked up the word understanding and the meaning I saw was a thorough knowledge of something which I believe it’s the best meaning out there. I always hear this that if two partners / couples learn to tolerate themselves, they will live together and won’t think of divorce. The above sentence is true but there’s a “comma” there. Tolerance will make couples live together but understanding will make them happy living together. Imagine this, if I know that my wife enjoys breakfast on … Continue reading ​Understanding is Very Important

​Dress to Kill

Early last year, I went to a supermarket to acquire some gift items for some friends. As I was searching around for worthy provisions to buy, I saw something eye catchy. This our local “ijebu garri” was packaged in a fine wrapper. It was looking very enticing and worthy to behold. Believe me, I was very much impressed! With a huge some on my face, I got all I needed and left the store Have you been in that situation where you walk into an office and the front desk officer stares at you from head to toe and immediately … Continue reading ​Dress to Kill

​The Achievement Book 

Long time ago, I had one fancy book I always kept by my side; everywhere I went, the book follows.  I loved and cherished it like a child and won’t let anyone get hold of it. It was a top secret! If my right eye was staring at it, the left would have to look else where. It was this kind of book that I couldn’t let out of my sight.  Do you want to know the book? It was my “achievement book”. Early that year, I got this particular fancy book to record my works and achievements for each … Continue reading ​The Achievement Book 

​3 Worst Phrases – You also say them! 

A particular company was at the verge of shutting down so the marketing team held an emergency meeting in order to get advices that will revive the company back to it standard. After much deliberation, they all decided on a great idea. After everything, they passed the “baton” to the head of the marketing team to execute all brilliant ideas which he agreed to do so. The idea was supposed to be executed before 21 days and if they fail, the company will run down. After 7 days, they met the HOD that was suppose to execute their plan but … Continue reading ​3 Worst Phrases – You also say them! 

​Look Beyond Competition 

Most individuals take life like a competition where one got to defeat others to survive. I have learnt over the years that people who sees life as a competition don’t survive in it. It makes them them tensed when dealing with life challenges. Looking up the word “competition” in my dictionary, I discovered how intense the meaning is; just like the word it self. It’s defined as a rivalry, act of competing against another. Now, that definition is really deep! We all know how competitions are been held like a car race, boxing, football match and so on. It’s a … Continue reading ​Look Beyond Competition 

How to stop forgetting things easily

​Are you too forgetful? Do you forget things so easily? Are you tired of always having to go through a lot of stress because you forgot to bring your key or some money with you? Once upon a time, I easily forgot about things. I might be asked to do something and in less than a minute after the person leaves, I forget. Countless times I have stayed hungry all day and walked a long distance because I left my purse or key at home. It was really bad. Nobody is a computer at some point, we are all bound … Continue reading How to stop forgetting things easily

​Survival Amidst the Crowd 

I remember back then maybe four years ago when this sim card registration was really serious here in Lagos, Nigeria. Before one got his sim registered, he had to leave home early enough in order to be in the front of the angry queue. Believe me. It was such a frustrating queue that one won’t like to be in. The first day I decided to embark on the registration journey, I left home late and when I got there, I was shocked at what I saw. The queue was jeeez! When it finally got to my turn, they quickly said … Continue reading ​Survival Amidst the Crowd 

​Create Time for Ideas

Hello all, I bring to you Create time for ideas!  Different people have different time they do their thinking, some over the night, some during break period at their place of work and so on. It’s just a perfect time that works best for them they all crave for. If one is embarking on a new journey, one will have to gather all the necessary things like: maps, information, advice and knowledge about the new destination. It also applies to new projects. You can’t have a successful projects without great ideas. Before embarking on a serious and worthy project, one … Continue reading ​Create Time for Ideas

I Love My Job! 

Check out these two men HE HATES HIS JOB He woke up early in the morning, stretched both hands and yawned out loud. Quickly stared at the clock and he was like “let me go back to bed, there’s still some time’. He finally woke up late after the long sleep; walked to the bathroom sluggishly. After showering, he got dressed and left home. Approaching the office, he was looking really sad like a man having lots of ugly memories in his head. Little issues and reactions from his fellow colleagues irritated him. He got frustrated working. When it was … Continue reading I Love My Job! 

Tips for healthy living

“Our visit to the hospital wasn’t a happy one. Of course, a visit to the hospital isn’t a happy one but what saddened me is that many patients found in the hospital are the cause of their own sickness” a charity welfare leader said when he returned from a charity visit to the hospital with his team. “70% of cases in the hospital would have been avoided if only the victims had taken proper repacaution and lived healthier” he added. Sickness and death rates increases daily and victims are the primary cause of their illness. Importance of healthy living  1. … Continue reading Tips for healthy living

A Mother’s Love; The True Meaning of Love 

When I got inspired to write an article about love, it seemed strange. As simple as the word maybe it is very deep. Deeper than anyone could imagine and so complicated than complication itself. Its more practical that theorical. So writing an article about love seemed a bit challenging! Now the big question is “what is love?” Individually, we have our various meaning of love depending on our personal experience. To clearly expanciate on the true meaning of love I would be using the love of a mother. A mother’s love is selfless, sincere, everlasting, generous, kind, unconditional, indescribable, unique, … Continue reading A Mother’s Love; The True Meaning of Love